is a link aggregator and thats all it should be.

Through a system of anonymity and fake internet points reddit brings attention to things that people generally find interesting or important around a particular topic.

It’s not a discussion board. If you debate people on reddit you look naive. You are trying to convince a random person behind a keyboard of a particular viewpoint. You have no idea who that person is. For all you know it could be a bot, or someone just looking to rattle someone (i.e. a troll).

It’s not a community, you may gather in subreddits around topics you find interesting; but any opinions or viewpoints should be taken with a grain of salt, as they may just be trying to promote a way of thinking, appeal to the masses (for that sweet karma) or try to rile up a particular audience.

These statements can be reduced to the following:

reddit is not a source of truth

Truth on reddit is biased by majority rule and anonymity. There are no authorities on subject matters, and only the agreeable opinions are accepted.

Reddit’s system of anonymity and fake internet points makes the website good for finding interesting or important things relevant to a group of people, but that’s about it. So that is all it should be used for.